Legal Toolkit

Adoption and Surrogacy
International Adoption, Private Adoption, Grandparent Adoption, Stepparent Adoption… more
Bankruptcy, Debt and Consumer Law
Personal Bankruptcy, Garnishments, Banking, Insurance, Investments, Identity Theft… more
Business Law
Business Formation and Dissolution, Buy/Sell Agreements, Commercial and Contract Law… more
Business Litigation
Business Formation and Dissolution, Ownership Disputes/Fiduciary Relationships… more
Criminal/D.U.I./Traffic Defense
DUI / OVI, Felony Auto Accidents, Forfeiture, Traffic and Moving Violations, Domestic… more
Drug and Medical Device Injury
Defective Drugs, Defective Medical Devices… more
Family Law and Divorce
Divorce, Spousal Support, Annulment, Prenuptial/Postnuptial, Power of Attorney, Stepparent… more
Injury and Accidents
Accidents, Dangerous Products, Intentional Injuries, Personal Injury Defense, Toxic Torts… more
Landlord Tenant
… more
Lawsuits and Appeals
Character Injury, Libel Injury Defense, Consumer and Lemon Law, Fraud, Actions concerning… more
Malpractice by professionals-medical/legal, Malpractice by other professions, Medical… more
Family, County, Circuit, Appellate… more
Probate, Estate, Trust and Elder Law
Wills, Living Wills, Surrogacy, Probate, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Elder Law, Medicare… more
Real Estate and Housing
Tenant/Landlord, Buying/Selling Property, Leasing, Mortgages, Property Taxes, Renting… more
Workers Compensation
Workers' Compensation, Workers' Compensation Litigation… more
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